Registration Dates: June 1 - June 6

The Judith Svalander School of Ballet is committed to providing the safest environment possible as we reopen our doors for our 2020 Summer Workshop Program. We will continue to monitor the latest news and guidelines about COVID-19. With the health and safety of our dancers and faculty as our priority, the following protocols and guidelines are mandatory for all dancers, parents and faculty.

JSSB Building Health & Safety:

  1. The lobby area is closed to parents, caregivers and siblings.

  2. The dressing rooms are off limits. Dancers will enter the building and go directly to their studio.

  3. Dancers will remain in the same studio each day and will only bring the items they need into the building. (see suggestions below)

  4. The office staff will have emergency contact information for each dancer and will be available for answering phone calls, e-mails and passing along messages to your dancers.

  5. The building surface areas and restrooms will be cleaned multiple times during the day.

  6. Ballet barres will be cleaned before, during and after classes. The studio will provide wipes and sanitizer spray to ensure all areas are kept as clean as possible.

  7. Hand sanitizer will be available and its use encouraged throughout the day.

  8. Studios will be marked to ensure proper social distancing.

  9. All dancers and faculty will be required to wear a face mask at all times.

  10. To allow for proper sanitizing and cleaning between groups, we have smaller class sizes as well as 30 minutes scheduled between different levels.

  11. Everyone entering the building will have their temperature checked and be required to use hand sanitizer. If an individual has a temperature greater than 100.4 the individual must go home, monitor symptoms and contact a physician.

  12. If a dancer or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19, they need a clearance note from their doctor to return to the studio.

  13. Dancewear will only be sold over the phone. You must know your exact size. Items cannot be tried on and we will not accept exchanges. All sales are final.

  14. If at any time it becomes unsafe to continue in studio classes, classes may be revised to continue on ZOOM.

JSSB Dancer Health & Safety:

  1. Dancers may not arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before class. They must come dressed and ready for class with their hair done.

  2. All dancers are required to have face masks for class. These masks can be disposable or reusable. Dancers who have multiple classes a day may want to bring several masks with them. JSSB will have custom face masks for sale in the next couple of weeks. Although masks are required, dancers do not have to order a custom one.  

  3. Dancers are asked to bring only a small bag with their essential items for the day. (see suggestions below) These bags will be kept under your spot at the barre.

  4. Dancers are required to practice social distancing in the studio at all times and encouraged to limit exposure outside of the home to essential needs such as groceries, healthcare etc.

  5. Dancers must clean all dancewear and masks each day.

  6. It is important for dancers to keep up on their daily hygiene. All grooming including trimming of nails is done at home.

  7. Anything that a dancer brings into the studio must leave with them.

  8. Dancers must bring their own water bottle(s) and are encouraged to bring enough for their duration of classes.

What to bring in your small essential dance bag:

  • Dance Shoes & Dance Skirts – only the ones needed for that day

  • Additional Face Masks

  • Water Bottle(s)

  • Small non-messy snack

  • Band-Aids, Safety Pins, Kleenex etc.

  • Travel size hand sanitizer or hand wipes

  • Additional hair accessories

  • Small bag to put any trash or dirty items in. (dirty masks, used Kleenex etc.)

Our first week back at the studio will feature adagio work with a focus on placement and posture. Besides being excellent work for our students, this will allow them to get used to wearing masks. We will carefully work our way to small jumps, petit allegro, and then grand allegro with big jumps going across the floor.

Our formal registration period has ended. For those still wishing to

take our summer classes, please fill out the form below and

our office will contact you regarding availability. 

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Once registration has been submitted, our office will send an online invoice to your email within 24 hours for your tuition deposit. The remaining tuition balance will be due the first day of classes. 

Class days and times are subject to change through June 13, 2020. If class minimums are not met, classes risk being cancelled. Registration fees are non-refundable. Updated schedules will be posted the week following Summer registration. 

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