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SUMMER Intensive Workshop

This is a comprehensive 6-week training toward a professional career in dance. Students accepted into our unique JSSB Summer Intensive will experience what it is like to work as a professional dancer and finish the course with a definite improvement and edge to their technique, understanding, and level of dance ability as well as keen performance awareness. Students have the best of both worlds with guest teachers as well as faculty familiar with and ready to improve on your child's strengths and weaknesses. 

There are many people that think you need to leave your home school and travel to a summer program that is expensive and far away. The reality is many studios are not able to offer an extensive training program all year long like JSSB. We are extremely eager and excited to offer this opportunity to our students and guests; and see potential for wonderful growth this summer. Unless Mrs. Svalander spoke personally with you about another program, the JSSB Pre-Professional course is your recommended course of training this summer at JSSB. Read on for audition and summer course info. 


Judith Svalander

  • When and where can I register for classes?
    Registration is formally held twice a year, but new students may register at anytime! ​ Registration held during July/August is for all three trimesters (Fall, Winter and Spring) with classes running from September through June. Once students sign up, they are considered registered for the school year. All registration is done in person at the studio and we accept cash, check, or credit cards. Feel free to print our registration form at home before stopping in! Registration in April/May is for our 6-Week Summer Workshop. Those students, Level IV through Company, not intending to stay for the 6-Week Summer Workshop must inform the studio, in written form, by January 15th and they must audition for new placement in the fall.
  • What are your class costs?
    Fees for classes vary based on which level the dancer is attending. For a level breakdown of tuition rates per Trimester (see dates), as well as all other rates and fees, visit our Classes page. Tuition is due 7 days prior to each new trimester/summer classes and is NON-REFUNDABLE once classes begin. There is a $40 annual registration fee per family. For multilevel and adult classes, we offer a drop-in and trimester rates. The registration fee is waived for drop-in classes. Families with two or more students, in level IV and up, enrolled receive a 10% discount off the second (and all subsequent) student’s tuition as long as all students are registered at the same time. Monthly Payments, including automatic payments, are available for Level IV and up, and are due no later than the 15th of each month. Monthly payments must be approved by our office at registration. We do not offer payment customization for any levels
  • Do you charge late fees?
    Yes, to insure you're not charged a late fee; we kindly ask that payements are recieved prior to or on due dates.
  • Are trial classes available?
    We do offer trial classes! Check out our current classes under the Classes tab and contact us to setup your trial class. Once your class is setup we do ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the class to familiarize yourself with our facility and sign ourDrop-In Registration Form. This form can also be printed at home to save you a few minutes before class starts.
  • Do you have a dress code?
    JSSB’s dress code is based on classical standards of ballet. The dress code is designed to encourage unity and discipline among our students. Instructors are aided by the dress code in that they are able to see the body’s form to ensure that the dancer is moving safely and correctly. A dancer should focus on developing technique and artistry without distraction of loose or cumbersome clothing. Dress code does not apply to multilevel or adult classes. Visit Policies for full attire requirements.
  • What are you class levels?
    Creative Dance Creative Dance I Creative Dance II Creative Dance III Beginner Ballet Level I Level II Level III Intermediate Ballet Level IV/V Level VI Aspiring Professionals Advanced Intermediate Advanced Company
  • How do make-up classes work?
    Classes canceled by the studio will be rescheduled for a make-up. If a student must miss a class, please notify the school and check with the office for the best make-up class. Make-up classes are a privilege and will only be allowed if there is an opening in a similar class. All make-ups must be taken within the same trimester as the absence and are not allowed during Observation Days. There are no make-up classes for Character, Jazz, Modern or where there is not a comparable class.
  • Can I wait at the studio during my child’s classes?
    The reception area is also our office space, so we request that you do not wait during your child’s class due to the official nature of some of our work. Parents are asked to keep young children quiet, take phone calls outside, and there are no food or drink allowed in the office or studios, as well as no gum chewing in the building.
  • What happens if I’m running late to pick up or drop off my child?
    Parents must be timely in dropping off and picking up children, especially when our office staff are closing for the evening. Creative Dance children may not be left unattended before class. Staff will take any tardy Creative Dance student to class. All other late students should open the studio door and stand inside until the teacher places them. Students who have missed certain warm-up exercise will be instructed to observe class rather than take it, if the instructor feels that the student may risk injury. Continued tardiness in the upper levels is reason for dismissal from the school.
  • Am I allowed to watch my child's class?
    Our dancers utilize the entire studio during class which leaves no safe area for spectators to watch class. Isolating the dancers from outside distractions (especially the young ones) also allows for a concentrated learning environment. We do offer observation days that are scheduled throughout the year for various levels. Check the calendar for upcoming observation days or performances!
  • Do you rent studio space?
    Unfortunately at this time we are not able to rent our studio space to external groups or individuals.
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