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Our Mission:

It is our mission to train our students properly in the beautiful art form that is classical ballet; the foundation for all dance technique. We will provide each student with the tools to maximize their abilities and reach their full potential. Whether their destiny is as a professional dancer or it leads them in a different direction entirely, it is our goal to instill the virtues of the art form, and a sense of achievement that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

The Classes We Offer 

Classical Ballet  - Features the finest elements of the French, Italian, Danish, English, and Russian schools. Faculty prepares the dancer for the need to adapt as a professional to each technique. This American school is known to prepare dance students for all venues in dance.
Character Dance In relationship to classical ballet, it is usually thought of as folk dance, but it is best defined as all of those qualities not present in classical dance. Character dance can be divided into the following classification: National dance – Dramatic and Lyrical Character – Satire – Grotesque and Eccentric Mimicry.
Pointe/Pre-Pointe - Dancers begin Pointe work after Pre-Pointe if they are physically strong enough with good body alignment. Not every body-type is suitable for this work. You may continue in your level and not begin pointe until a later date. You will be evaluated at Level V by the faculty. At times, a doctor’s approval is necessary. Pre-Pointe works posture and strengthens legs, and feet for pointe work.
Variations - Learning solos, duets, trios from the great classics; such as Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia, and Nutcracker.

Jazz - Contemporary music with movements drawn from a variety of current dance styles.

Modern/Contemporary - A style of theatrical dancing that rejects classical ballet’s upright stance and, instead, embraces gravity; movements are expressive of feelings and feature elements from many different modern dance styles such as Horton Technique and the Technique of Martha Graham.
Repertoire - Choreography taught based on the current works performed by the Judith Svalander Dance Theatre. 
Musical Theatre Dance - A jazz warm-up with dances, songs, and techniques taught from Broadway musicals.
Specialty ClassesThe following classes are periodically offered within our courses: Stretch and Strength, Yoga for Dancers, Tap, Pilates Mat Class, Floor Barre, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Gyrotronics, and Injury Prevention. Please refer to the current schedules.
Private ClassesPlease contact the office for availability and pricing. 
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